From the D&C and RBJ: Collaboration between Nazareth College and Unity Health Systems

6 Aug

Nazareth College and Unity Health Systems have signed a memorandum of understanding, report the Democrat and Chronicle and Rochester Business Journal*. The goal? To enhance the education of future health care workers:

In a health care environment with ever changing reimbursement and funding challenges, this collaboration will allow the opportunity for Unity Health System patients to be offered programming, such as art, music, play and yoga therapy, while providing practical experience to those developing clinicians.

“Unity Health System is excited to partner with Nazareth College on this significant step forward in the training and education of future health care professionals,” said Unity Health System President and CEO Warren Hern. “Linking Nazareth’s national reputation with Unity’s wide breadth of programs and services will further enhance Rochester’s reputation for high quality, low cost health care.”

Nazareth is the only Rochester-based college or university to offer nursing with a wide array of allied health professional programs. This enables Nazareth to create an educational environment that emphasizes inter-professional collaboration in both learning and delivery of services, which gives Nazareth students a distinct advantage as they enter the health care workforce.

According to Nazareth College President Daan Braveman, this partnership allows the College to “play a prominent leadership role in meeting the health system workforce needs in our community and beyond.”

*Editor’s note:  The RBJ story appears on page six of the Aug. 3 issue of the Rochester Business Journal titled, “Nazareth, Unity Join Forces to Improve Education” (digital link still pending).

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