From The Atlantic: A Microscope With a View

23 Jul

Every year, the Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition brings together “the most extraordinary microscope images of life science subjects from around the world.” With the blessing of the competition’s sponsors, The Atlantic  has compiled some of the top images, “displaying a compelling mix of art and science.”

Honorable mention: Detail of a pod of the flowering legume Scorpius muricatus (common name “Prickly Caterpillar”), by Viktor Sýkora, from Hyskov, Czech Republic. (Olympus BioScapes)

Click here to see more of the stunning top submissions.

As these pictures demonstrate, art and science are not mutually exclusive. And the benefits of an education and worldview that combine both cannot be understated.

The creativity of people educated in the liberal arts and sciences is a hallmark of a Nazareth College education. In Nazareth’s core curriculum, the arts and the sciences combine and overlap to help students identify “enduring” questions–those which pervade human lives and relationships across cultures. “As effective critical thinkers and skilled problem-solvers,” explains Deb Dooley ’75, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, “our graduates have not only the content knowledge of their discipline, but also the cognitive ability to analyze and synthesize information in new ways. They learn to become creators of knowledge, not merely imitators of what others know.”

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