From AP: “Obama proposes $1B for science, math teachers”

18 Jul

Throughout his presidency, President Obama and his administration have been committed to improving math and science education in the United States. The latest plan to that end includes building a Master Teacher Corps, the Associated Press reports:

Teachers selected for the Master Teacher Corps will be paid an additional $20,000 a year and must commit to participate multiple years. The goal is to create a multiplier effect in which expert educators share their knowledge and skills with other teachers, improving the quality of education for all students.

Underscoring such efforts, reports Josh Lederman, is a “report released in February by the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology found that the U.S. must increase by 34 percent the number of students receiving degrees in science, math and related fields to keep up with economic demand.”

“I’m running to make sure that America has the best education system on earth, from pre-K all the way to post-graduate,” Obama said. “And that means hiring new teachers, especially in math and science.”

Nazareth College shares the president’s vision and urgency. Every teacher can touch more than 1,000 lives during a career–and for more than 80 years, Nazareth has prepared some of the area’s most innovative and inspiring educators.

The dream of the Integrated Center for Math and Science will soon be a reality–and it is a direct response to local, national, and international needs. The official grand opening will be held on Thursday, September 27, with celebratory events including a ribbon cutting and reception. But more importantly, the new center (to be housed in Peckham Hall) will be a sate-of-the-art environment where Nazareth students can explore the hands-on, experiential, integrated teaching methods that prepare them to shape the Rochester region and beyond in the decades to come.

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