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Occupational Therapy Clinic to Open at Nazareth in the Fall

Occupational therapy (OT) is about helping people develop or regain the ability to engage in productive lives. Examples of OT include:

Nazareth College’s on-campus rehabilitation and wellness clinics will also include an occupational therapy clinic beginning in September 2012. The OT clinic, located in Carroll Hall on the Nazareth campus, will offer comprehensive developmental and rehabilitation services to Rochester-area children and adults. This fall, the clinic will begin serving children with diagnoses such as autism, Asperger’s disorder, sensory integrative dysfunction, learning disabilities, and cerebral palsy. The OT clinic will be providing treatment for adults in the near future. Individuals with neurologic, orthopedic, perceptual difficulties, hand injuries, and psychosocial needs will be able to receive services when the clinic’s adult services begin.

Linda A. Shriber, Ed.D., OTR/L, is the chair and program director of and associate professor in the OT program at Nazareth. In preparation for the OT clinic’s opening in the fall, Dr. Shriber recently evaluated a young child at the request of his mother. In response, the mother had this to share:

We recently became aware that our five-year-old son might be having some issues with his sensory processing. Being a homeschooling family, we opted to seek help through venues other than our public school system. We contacted Nazareth and were thankful to receive a screening free of charge, along with an informative, in-depth report that proved quite helpful in arriving at a diagnosis. It has given us direction, and encouraged us that we weren’t just “imagining things.” We will now pursue occupational therapy to assist our son with his needs, and we are so grateful for those at Nazareth who came alongside us to help as we sorted out some confusing behaviors. Thank you, Dr. Shriber, for your help.

To learn more about OT at Nazareth, visit the program’s webpage. And for more information about the OT clinic, contact Linda Shriber at 585-389-2562 or