Flower Power

25 Apr

It was a gray, brisk day in early April, and while most gardeners in the northeast anxiously waited for Memorial Day to do their planting, a group of women gathered in the Nazareth College greenhouse to admire their already blooming begonias and amaryllis.

Since January, *Luisa, *Susan, *Alice and, *Karen have visited the greenhouse weekly to plant seeds, and then water and care for the plants that have helped them regain the language skills they lost due to chronic aphasia. Aphasia is the impairment of the ability to understand and/or express ideas in language, usually as a result of a stroke or other brain injury.

The visits are part of a new collaboration between the School of Health and Human Services’ (SHHS) speech-language pathology program and the College of Arts and Sciences’ (CAS) biology department. The women are patients of the aphasia clinic, an on-campus facility where speech-language therapy students develop clinical skills while delivering affordable services to underserved adults in the Rochester community with aphasia.

*To protect the privacy of the clients, surnames were not included in this story.

Keep reading at www.naz.edu

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