Road to Recovery

25 Dec

Nick DeVries’ life changed drastically back in July of 2007. The Rochester native, now 27, was living in California and working for a large corporation in their customer service division. Nick had earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Buffalo, and was just starting to think about enrolling at California State University to study architecture. All told, life was pretty good — until the accident.

“I don’t remember any of it,” says DeVries, who had been on his motorcycle that night. “All I know is that I was in the exit lane, and then nothing.”

Nick Devries’ life changed drastically after suffering a traumatic brain injury from a motorcycle accident in 2007.

After spending five weeks in an induced coma to minimize brain swelling, DeVries was medevaced back to Rochester to be with his family. Now, after nearly two years on the road to recovery, DeVries is a regular visitor to Nazareth College’s aphasia clinic, where he is one of the many patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) who are working their way back to a more independent life.

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