Nazareth Awarded Two NSF Grants Worth $1.3 M To Benefit Math & Science Scholars

17 Dec

Two National Science Foundation (NSF) grants worth $1.3 million combined are helping Nazareth College establish a pair of new scholarship programs that will strongly support students pursuing math and science education on the graduate and undergraduate level.

The first NSF grant, (an S-STEM Scholarship program award) worth $600,000, will support the Nazareth College Science and Mathematics Scholars Program by providing financial aid to students pursuing undergraduate degrees at Nazareth in science (biology, biochemistry, chemistry) and mathematics.

The second NSF grant, worth $750,000, is supporting the Nazareth College Robert Noyce Scholar Program, a collaboration between Nazareth’s School of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences, that will increase the number of math and science teachers committed to teaching in high-need K-12 schools. Nazareth is one of only ten institutions that received both the Robert Noyce and the S-STEM Scholarship program awards this year.

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